MCU: this actor is relieved to leave Marvel

MCU: this actor is relieved to leave Marvel

Despite what you might think, acting in a Marvel movie is not necessarily a cakewalk. Proof of that is this statement about the MCU.

Starring in a Marvel movie might sound like an appealing idea, especially to launch an acting career. But for all that it can have a tiring side that does not suit everyone. As we can discover with the charismatic Dave Bautista, the interpreter of Drax in the trilogy of Guardians of the Galaxy within the MCU.

Dave Bautista confesses about the MCU

Blade Runner 2049, Duneor james bond, we can say that the Marvel movie of 2014 was able to allow Dave Bautista to embark on a great film career. Besides, the man is not fooled and in a interview with QG he says he feels for his character a “extreme recognition” but he also explains that he is deeply relieved to be done with him. Which is understandable, see his words instead:

Working on this MCU franchise hasn’t always been fun. I had a lot of difficulty playing this role. The whole makeup process was overwhelming. And then, I don’t know if I really want Drax to be my only legacy in the cinema — it’s a bit of a silly performance, and I want to illustrate myself through more dramatic projects..

I don’t live a big glamorous life. I live here in Tampa. I don’t care about the spotlight, I don’t care about fame. I just want to be a better actor. I want the respect of my peers. I don’t need braces – really don’t, man. It’s the experience that counts, knowing that I’ve accomplished something.

In short, the MCU is over for him. Meanwhile, Hollywood pundits like Harrison Ford explain why they want to appear in the Marvel Universe. As we report to you in this news. Obviously each actor has a different feeling and we can also understand that playing a role with makeup from head to toe is not necessarily the most exciting thing.

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