McDonald’s: fast food launches a gaming seat… burger heater

Let’s be honest, we didn’t think we’d write these lines one day… McDonald’s is preparing a gaming chair that will notably be able to keep your burger warm. Is that what we call progress? A part anyway. Indeed, on the occasion of the launch in the United Kingdom of the McCrispy, a new recipe based on chicken, the brand at M has organized a competition on Facebook, the first prize of which is the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, which you can find in the photo in the thread of this news. Isn’t life beautiful?

The height of bad taste for McDonald’s?

McDonald's: fast food launches a gaming seat... burger heater

Doubtful yellow design with the word McCrispy, removable cushion with the McDonald’s logo, everything is there to enhance your interior (or not). But the ultimate argument for wanting to win it is obviously a french fry holder, slots for pots of sauce and a heating box to keep your burger dripping with fat warm. Unfortunately only one copy seems to exist for the competition and for the moment the brand does not offer its perfect vision of the gaming chair for sale.

But we know that other copies exist since streamers were able to receive one as part of the promotion of the contest. What to be jealous of. Note that this is not the first incursion of fast food in the middle of gaming since we also had the right to the game console / PC KFC.

What do you think of this marketing stunt? Do you want and above all need a burger warmer in your seat?

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