Mass Effect 5: a new video with an iconic character

Mass Effect 5: a new video with an iconic character

As expected as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Mass Effect 5 took advantage of N7 Day to tease and tickle the curiosity of fans with one of the license’s most popular characters.

After a monstrous trilogy and a lackluster Andromeda, Bioware had put the Mass Effect saga on hold to take care of other projects, such as the late Anthem. But in 2018 and 2020, the studio announced its big return to the controls of its flagship licenses with Dragon Age Dreadwolf and Mass Effect 5.

If the new titles have since been quite discreet, BioWare took advantage of N7 Day, a day devoted to its space RPG, to do some teasing on video.

Mass Effect 5 turns the sauce up

The studio shared a short clip via its official Twitter account. We see a cosmodesic relay in poor condition and several objects and vessels gravitate around it. But it is above all a strange parasitic audio transmission that has aroused the curiosity of fans.

Decrypted since, the message highlights a recurring and appreciated secondary character from the license, Liara T’Soni, the magnificent Asari, who seems to be talking with… a Geth, these robotic entities very often our adversaries in the main trilogy.

Liara: “I can see it… How could we miss that? »
Liara: “Exactly, the Council is going to be furious…even though they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance. »

A new teaser that still raises many questions. Is Liara talking about the dilapidated relay? From Shepard? And what else has the human species done? What is Liara’s role in Mass Effect 5?

Bioware has fun with its fans

So many questions that entertain the developers since shortly after, Michael Gamble, Project Director on Mass Effect 5, shared a new concept art by inserting a new coded message.

We can see a turian, a krogan and a quarian in what seems to be a gigantic city. The developer took the opportunity to again allude to Liara by quoting her and listing the identities that this one to endorse, including one still kept secret. Which suggests that Liara will have a really important role in this next Mass Effect, which should please a large number of fans.

On the other hand, for the time being, we will have to take our troubles patiently before seeing more clearly. Aside from these numerous teasers, BioWare hasn’t shared anything concrete to get your teeth into, although it did again claim that Mass Effect 5 development is going very well in a new update. his blog.

They should know by now that human mistrust should not be underestimated.

Liara T’Soni (Doctor, Shadow Broker and CENSORED)

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