Marvel’s Wolverine PS5: fans may be disappointed

Marvel's Wolverine PS5: fans may be disappointed

Fans of the adamantium-clawed mutant may be disappointed. A rumor comes to undermine Microsoft’s statements around Marvel’s Wolverine PS5.

Insomniac Games came out of its silence a while ago to reassure gamers. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released sometime in 2023, although the game has never shown up since it was announced. But what about the other big PS5 exclusive Marvel’s Wolverine? The still dark project hinted at a release for the same year following statements from Microsoft, but now another source comes to contradict it.

No Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 before 2025?

The 2023 program is still unclear on Sony’s side. We only know that Miles Morales and Peter Parker will officially return to service, just like Aloy for a DLC. Horizon Forbidden West which leaked a few hours ago. If the multiplayer The Last of Us Factions could also join this beautiful world, it will certainly not be necessary to count on Marvel’s Wolverine PS5. While Microsoft hinted at a double dose of Marvel games in the same year, a new rumor comes to undermine its statements.

According to the Xbox Updates Twitter account, judged to be renowned within the mutant fan community, Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 would rather be scheduled for the current 2025. Information to be taken with some hindsight since no source is cited, but which however, seems to be based on Sony’s latest financial statement, which estimates the game’s release in the fiscal year from 2022 to 2025. This rumor seems in any case much more credible than Microsoft’s statements to point the finger at PlayStation exclusives with global competition authorities. If two teams are allocated to Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it seems more believable that the larger studio is only sparing efforts on one title while a smaller team is working on the preproduction of the second.

If it is possible to count on a release in mid-2024, fans have received the rumor very badly. ” Why did you show us images four years in advance then? “complains a player, while another outbids” I don’t understand the point of announcing a game so far from its release, it’s ridiculous. “If the disappointment is in order, the hype as for it still seems intact.

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