Marvel’s Spider-Man PC: three completely unusual new mods

Marvel's Spider-Man PC: three completely unusual new mods

The imagination of modders will never cease to amaze. The release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered particularly inspired them, for better or worse. After the mod that killed respect, here are three completely unusual new ones.

Three crazy mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man PC

Crazy stuff keeps coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC. Regularly, the most creative players replace the model of Peter Parker in costume with other completely improbable characters. The one who is talking a lot today is the star of the memes who rocked the childhood of some. Yes, you can wander around New York City as Kermit the Frog. The puppet can wander from building to building, beat up a few thugs and save the day for the inhabitants.

The other unusual character who invites himself into Marvel’s Spider-Man PC is none other than Saul Goodman. The lawyer of Breaking Bad and series Better Call Saul is also playable thanks to a mod. Here there is no ingenious stratagem to save a client or annoy those who put a spoke in his wheel. Jimmy McGill doesn’t hesitate to use his fists to bring down those he would usually protect in court.

The magic of mods of Marvel’s Spider-Man is that they sometimes combine the best of two worlds. One of them merges two games into one, swapping Spider-Man for a Licker from Resident Evil 2. The iconic creature of the saga obviously wanted to convert to the side of justice. She crawls on the walls, has speech and is ready to help the local authorities to put an end to the crimes in progress. Meeting on NexusMod if you want to download them.

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