Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 postponed? The devs answer frankly

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 postponed? The devs answer frankly

Concern is growing among fans. Without news of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for a long time, PS5 players are starting to think that the exclusive won’t be available in 2023 as promised. Development issues? Expected delay? The developers answer in all sincerity.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 still scheduled for 2023

Still no news on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We hoped for the comic book publisher’s first games conference, nothing. We were expecting it for the traditional PlayStation Showcase in September, but it didn’t happen. Fans have since continued to ask Insomniac Games to communicate on the progress and the state of the game. The developers finally come out of their silence and with reassuring news.

Yes, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is still expected to release next year exclusively on PS5 and its development is progressing well. ” Do not worry. We are making great progress and the game is still planned for 2023. Showing games takes time, effort, resources and coordination tweeted the developer. And if the latest rumors are to be believed, you’re not ready for what they’re about to show. The sequel would indeed exceed the expectations of Marvel executives and the title would shine with its “fluidity and striking visuals”. We can’t wait to find out, maybe during a PlayStation Showcase by the end of the year.

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