Marvel’s Midnight Suns: the long-awaited Dr Strange is illustrated in video

Marvel's Midnight Suns: the long-awaited Dr Strange is illustrated in video

As so often with 2K when a marketing campaign begins for a game it’s no joke and we have the right to a plethora of content. After Spider-Man last weekend, it’s now Dr Strange’s turn to show up in a Marvel’s Midnight Suns video.

Dr. Strange in action in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

This new video is an opportunity to discover a great session of gameplay with comments from the developers. We can notably admire all the power of the Doc with its traditional opening of portals. It must be said that Firaxis still has a lot of material to eat in terms of ideas given the importance of this character in the MCU for a few years. There are still many demonstrations of powers of all kinds.

Unlike the movies, here he seems to be particularly good at hand-to-hand combat, for example summoning weapons like an ax which he uses in the video on several occasions. Also, in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Dr. Strange can for example go into meditation and his spectrum can go to recharge his powers and his health. We will also note the presence of a new costume without its magic cape which is a specific creation for the game. But each character should have many costumes according to the preferences of the players.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is slated for October 7 on PC, PS5, Xbox SeriesPS4 and Xbox One.

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