Marvel’s Midnight Suns pays tribute to the 1992 cartoon X-Men

Marvel's Midnight Suns pays tribute to the 1992 cartoon X-Men

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a good Marvel game, and Firaxis isn’t shy about playing on nostalgia and fan favorites to get you hooked.

As you can discover in our TEST, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is despite some flaws a very good Marvel game. This is aimed at both “ultras” fans of the license and at neophytes who want an accessible range of the Comics universe. Anyway, to please fans and nostalgics, the Firaxis studio has just unveiled a cartoon style X-Men 1992

A cartoon about the Midnight Suns

Just to make you understand what you are going to get into when you enter the tactical game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, so here is an animation series that explains what it is about the universe, the chronology and the formation of the group of superheroes. If the first episode is 92 cartoon style, the following ones you can find on this link offer rotoscoping.

We will end up concluding these few lines with the conclusion of our test, for those who are still hesitating:

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a good pickaxe and a very good tactical RPG. A true ode to the Marvel universe that has enough quality and fan service to please everyone. Undoubtedly, this is a new nugget from Firaxis that almost makes you forget XCOM. Difficult indeed to regret his dive into the game to such an extent that he can be exhilarating in many aspects. Fights, scenario, cast, everything is there for total immersion.

If you are totally allergic to the Marvel universe, you obviously have to move on without going back. On the other hand, the game offers an interesting tactical gameplay which acts as a nice evolution compared to what we could see in a certain XCOM 2.

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