Marvel’s Midnight Suns: A curious way to improve performance

Marvel's Midnight Suns: A curious way to improve performance

If you play Marvel’s Midnight Suns On PC, as you may have noticed, the game has some performance issues, well it seems that disabling the 2K launcher can solve most of the problems. Amazing isn’t it?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: the launcher in question of performance?

In effect, Rock Paper Shotgun and the players of Midnight Suns from the Reddit forum have as many noticed the performance issues of the Firaxis tactical game. At the same time they also found a potential solution to significantly improve the framerate: disable the 2K launcher.

According to James Archer, journalist for Rock Paper Shotgun, this solution has considerably increased the framerate, which has gone from an average of 90 fps to 146 fps. Knowing this the site and a user of Steam both uploaded guides on how to stop the 2K launcher from launching.

To keep it simple, players will need to go to local Midnight Suns files, grab the path to the main executable file, and then paste that path into the launch options. Be careful though, some players also report having encountered save problems after this technique. Moreover, the solution is only valid on the version Steam of the game since it is impossible to perform this maneuver on theEpic Games Store.

But it’s still a good sign for Firaxis and a good area for improvement. There is clearly something to be done on this side for Midnight Suns .

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