marvel’s Avengers : the game soon dead?

marvel's Avengers : the game soon dead?

It’s always a bit sad to see a game with fragile health, and yet, it is the case of marvel’s Avengers for many months. No need to be in the small papers of Square Enix to find out because you just have to take a look at the statistics Steam to realize it.

marvel’s Avengersa dark future

When we go to SteamDB which allows in particular to analyze the attendance rate of video games on the Valve platform, we can see that marvel’s Avengers had a peak of players at 900, related to an update. Alas, generally, the action title painfully exceeds 400 players simultaneously. What little remains for a game with the aura of Marvel + Avengers.

In this context and according to an insider/insider by the name of Miller, the future is “bleak” for Marvel’s Avenger . It was he who disclosed the arrival of Winter Soldier in the game, as well as the fact that Embracer Group is working on a new title in collaboration with Marvel.

I have to tell you I’m not sure we’ll ever get there… There’s not much I can say, I’ve had some conversations over the past few weeks that paint a rather bleak picture of the future …
I said a few months ago that I didn’t think we were going to see the 4.0 update coming. I really don’t see it. I mean, it’s over a year away. We still have the whole 3.0 update series to go through.

In short, Miller does not even know if the game will stand on its legs for another year. Obviously all this remains to be taken with a grain of salt but it still leaves one wondering about the future of Marvel’s Avengers.

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