Marvel Zombies: the mysterious series gives news

The very curious Marvel Zombies series, the existence of which we became aware of in November 2021, is briefly talking about it again today.

In November 2021 we got a quick announcement for the Marvel Zombie series. Overall it is an animated series in which the Marvel universe is transformed into the living dead sauce. The series is expected to see characters like Yelena Belova, Katy Chen, Kate Bishop, Jimmy Woo, Death Dealer, Shang-Chi, and Miss Marvel create a team to battle heroes in alternate zombie versions.

marvel in sauce The Walking Dead with Marvel Zombies

In a leaked image in July 2022 we were able to discover the atmosphere of the Marvel Zombies series:

Marvel Zombies: the mysterious series gives news
Concept art for Marvel Zombies

We can see characters like Captain America, the Scarlet Witch or even Hawkeye in a zombie version, which suggests a particularly morbid atmosphere for this new Disney + show. A series that should not last very long since we can learn that Marvel Zombies will only have 4 episodes.

The information actually comes directly from the producer of the series alias Zeb Wells who revealed this during a small interview with the site comic book :

Yes it’s four episodes but it’s really cool!

Which would make Marvel Zombie the shortest Marvel series. We are obviously not immune to a nice surprise with very long episodes, but the producer has remained silent on this subject. In any case, it’s a big difference with Daredevil: Born Again which should be released in 2024 and which should include… 18 episodes.

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