Marvel: three games in development at EA, fans worried

Marvel: three games in development at EA, fans worried

The publisher Electronic Arts has therefore just signed a contract with Disney Marvel for the development of 3 video games, one of which we already know since it is nothing more than the highly anticipated title Iron Man. We also talk about it in this news.

Marvel at EA for at least 3 games

Here is the announcement on the official Marvel Twitter account:

We are thrilled to announce a multi-title collaboration between
to develop action-adventure games for consoles and PC! Each game will also be an original story set in the Marvel Universe.

We therefore have two pieces of information in one, namely that several games are in development at EA and that these are original games and not adaptations. The figure of 3 games comes from information from the very serious Bloomberg newspaper:

Brief foray into the world of gaming: Electronic Arts has reached an agreement with Marvel to create three video games based on comic book characters.

So we have an Iron Man game. Who or what will the other two be about? We know that a title Wolverine is preparing at Insomniac so we can legitimately think that at EA it should not be a video game that revolves around the X-Men. Same for Spider-man. We already had a game Avengers a Black Panther game is already on the way a short time ago… We can imagine a game about Daredevil which seems to be very popular with the fans or why not something about Doctor Strange.

Whatever happens and even if EA can reserve very good surprises, we are always a little worried about the future that a Marvel game with “service” sauce can reserve. We will see…

What’s your prediction for upcoming EA Marvel games? What character would you like to see in a video game and especially what type of game could interest you?

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