Marvel: the game with Captain America and Black Panther confirmed, the info

Marvel: the game with Captain America and Black Panther confirmed, the info

Amy Hennig, creatingUncharted, presented his superhero game well during the Disney & Marvel Showcase. A title with Captain America and Black Panther… but not only!

Seeing a shaky rumor turn into a real announcement is very rare. But the one around Amy Hennig’s new Marvel game, the ex Naughty Dog who contributed to the birth and development of the saga Uncharted, is verified. Here is the beginning of this still ultra-secret project to our great despair.

Amy Hennig (Uncharted) teases his Marvel game

The Disney & Marvel showcase, the big-eared firm’s video game conference, saw the birth of several new projects, including that of Amy Hennig, the creator ofUncharted. A massive AAA that twists the Marvel Universe to tell its own story and deliver its own interpretation. A likely action-adventure game with four playable characters: a young Steve Rogers aka Captain America, Azzuri the wise aka T’Challa’s grandfather and the Black Panther from World War II, Gabriel Jones an American soldier and member of the Howling Commandos » as well as Nanali, the maternal grandmother leader of the Wakandan spy network.

This group of four will be propelled in the middle of occupied Paris and will have to face the Nazi forces of Hydra. And that’s all we know. No announced title, no platform or even a very short snippet of gameplay. There is still a slogan “Four heroes, two worlds, one war”. We remind that Amy Hennig will spend time with Mickey since she is also working on a solo game Star Wars.

Once we get real info and a real trailer, it might be as expected as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine. Maybe…

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