Marvel Snap: the best decks to win according to its creator

Marvel Snap is unquestionably one of the most popular games around. Accessible, addictive and based on one of the most successful licenses of its last years, the title nevertheless hides a large strategic component.

With several hundred cards already available, you might as well say that the tactics are numerous and the meta particularly volatile. Marvel Snap will also continue to add cards over its next updates. But for now, in the columns ofIGNBen Brode the creator of the game (and former developer of Hearthstone) shared some tips and his favorite decks of the moment to win and climb the rankings quickly.

The “Omega Red” deck, to ambush or impose your domination

Marvel Snap Deck

Composition: Ant-Man, Uatu, Ebony Man, Invisible Woman, Armor, Mister Fantastic, Punisher, Namor, Omega Red, Iron Man, Spectrum, Onslaught.

How to play it?

With this first deck, Ben Brode explains that the whole strategy is based on a combo of 3 or 4 cards. The main strength of this deck is therefore based on Iron Man, Onslaught and obviously Omega Red. By combining the power of this trio of cards over the last 3 turns, you can quickly monopolize the game by securing a heavy hitting force on one target slot, then scatter power points to the other slots with Omega Red . The latter makes it possible to give 4 power points to the locations on which it is not located if its own area manages to reach a score of 10 or more. As a bonus, it is possible to ambush with Invisible Woman using her ability which allows other cards in the same slot to not be revealed.

With this combo, you have a huge amount of power in a targeted spot because Omega Red has 5 power, Iron Man doubles that, and then Onslaught doubles that double again. It is almost impossible to lose this location. But as a bonus, Onslaught doubles Omega Red’s “Continuous” skill. So that’s 8 power for the other slots. And with Invisible Woman, your opponent doesn’t see it coming at all. There are also plenty of fun combos with Invisible Woman.

The “Butthead” deck, the one that will not be translated

Marvel Snap: the best decks to win according to its creator

Composition: The Hood, Korg, Nova, Black Widow, Hazmat, Carnage, Viper, Green Goblin, Debrii, Polaris, Spider-Woman, Dr Octopus.

How to play it?

With this deck Ben Brode aims to drive his opponent crazy by playing cards designed to hinder the enemy playing field and lower the stats of his cards.
Here, the objective is therefore very simple, play cards like Debrii and Korg to send stones to the opposing hand and prevent it from drawing with Black Widow. You can also move your competitor’s cards with Octopus and Polaris. A technique also consists of sending Green Goblin and The Hood into the opposing camp to make him lose power points easily and in large quantities. And in case that goes awry, you can quickly clear your own land using Carnage by pairing it with Nova to gain power across all your maps. A particularly tricky deck that lives up to its name.

This Deck is a lot of really, really bad cards. I play The Hood in combo with Viper to send the card to the opponent. I also play Débrii to fill the board with pebbles. Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Polaris, are also there to isolate locations easily. And then there’s a whole bunch of cards like Spider-Woman, Hazmat, and Black Widow to round out your board and take power away from opposing cards. And in case it is not possible to play Viper on The Hood, or if there are too many rocks on my side because of the stones, I play Carnage to clean up.

The deck ” Beast to drive his opponent crazy

Marvel Snap Deck 3

Composition: The Hood, Elektra, Agent 13, Iceman, Korg, Black Widow, Collector, BeastFalcon, Ironheart, Nakia, Debrii.

How to play it?

While playing this Deck, Brode admits he’s experimenting with strategies that might revolve around Beast and Falcon. These two characters allow you to return one of your cards to your hand by adjusting its cost to easily replay it. The perfect combo to double or even triple their effect. By combining Beast and Falcon to cards like Nakia or Ironheart, you can then easily earn power points for a good part of your board. As well as playing in chain Debrii, Korg, Iceman and Black Widow will allow you to control the opposing game. Collector and Agent 13 will take advantage of all these card movements to naturally gain power thanks to their passive skill. Perfect for driving your opponent crazy. A completely modular deck that could accommodate a lot of similar cards like Scorpion or other “Revealed” type cards.

I was trying to make a deck Beast and Falcon, so the deck is made up of a lot of cheap cards. The most expensive card in the game costs 3 energy. The principle is that Beast returns your other cards to your hand and they cost one energy less. So you can create free maps this way. Then Falcon does the same thing so you can play them multiple times. I play Korg, Elektra, The Hood… And The Collector, because it takes advantage of all that card movement. Black Widow is really, really fun to play multiple times because you can prevent your opponent from drawing every time Black Widow enters the field.

Now all you have to do is try!

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