Marvel Snap: novelties and Black Panther for season 2

After a flying start, millions of players and a pre-launch first season around Spider-Man and the symbiotes (Carnage, Venom and others), it’s Black Panther’s turn to enter the arena. History of surfing theatrical release Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever this Wednesday, November 9.

Marvel Snap releases new cards…

On the program for this new season of marvel snap So, a brand new Battle Pass with new unlockable map variants, new challenges and new locations.

And we take a one-way ticket to Wakanda with the new Black Panther map, unlockable from Tier 1 of the Battle Pass or in free drops. This card has an energy cost of 5 for 4 power and has a “Revealed” type power that doubles its power points.
In addition to the base map, the Battle Pass will allow you to unlock an exclusive variant and boosters to make it even more beautiful.
As a bonus, the Okoye and Nakia cards will be honored and will also be entitled to their new variants in addition to a set of premium avatars, also unlockable in the Battle Pass.

Marvel Snap Black Panther

… and new places!

Season 2 will also welcome several locations from iconic Wakanda environments and new effects there too.

  • Shuri’s Laboratory : When you play a card here, double its power.
  • warrior falls : After each turn, the cards here fight! Destroy the weakest.
  • Vibranium Mines : When you play a card here, shuffle 3 Vibranium cards into your deck.
  • Wakandan throne room : The card(s) with the highest power have their power doubled.

Finally, the new season brings new challenges full of rewards (boosters, variants, gold, etc.) and new seasonal rewards for ranked mode. You will find all the bonuses on the official website.

Marvel Snap locations Wakanda season 2

Marvel Snap is THE box of the moment

As a reminder, marvel snap is a free-to-play available on mobile and PC (via Steam) developed by the Second Dinner studio, led by Ben Brode, a former Blizzard player who worked on Hearthstone. The software has succeeded in the feat of accumulating more than 2 million dollars in a short week, and without any microtransaction impacting the gameplay.

marvel snap owes its success in particular to the Marvel franchise, of course, but also to its easy-to-access, addictive, and particularly strategic gameplay. In addition, the developers take great care and have already planned a big roadmap for the end of the year. It is also quite easy to imagine that other updates will arrive in 2023.

Marvel Snap Roadmap 2022-2023

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