Marvel Games conference: how to watch it? What games to expect?

The big summer announcement season is over. Summer Game Fest and Gamescom 2022 entertained gamers each in their own way, both in terms of big games and indie titles. The month of September will not be outdone with a busy schedule that will begin with the D23 and especially the first Marvel & Disney Games conference. Date, time, how to watch it, what to expect? We do a little recap.

What time is the Marvel & Disney Games conference? How to watch it?

The big night is approaching. The annual D23 meeting dedicated to Disney and its licenses will be in full swing tomorrow. Small particularity this year, the American giant will hold a first conference on Marvel & Disney games. An unprecedented showcase which will be held this Friday, September 9 at 10 p.m. (French time) and which should last around 1h30. The event will be broadcast on the channels Youtube and Twitch from Marvel & Disney. If you’re too lazy to watch live, you can also check DashFUN for all the best live announcements.

What to expect for this Disney & Marvel GAMES SHOWCASE?

What to expect for this Marvel conference? The American giant has already confirmed a big piece of information: there will not only be the universe of comics put forward. Disney games and Star Wars will also be there. A few titles have already been confirmed while others are rumored. A brief overview of all the announcements, both official and potential.

Confirmed games from the Marvel & Disney conference

Marvel & Disney Game Conference Uncharted

Disney and Marvel are particularly expected at the turn of this first conference. If the publishers keep a few surprises in store, part of the program is already known. There will be free-to-playAAA, Star Wars, Marvel and Disney. Starting with Mickey’s Animal Crossing-like: Disney Dreamlight Valley. Released in early access, paid or free via the Xbox Game Pass, the title should be shown in a new seduction campaign to surf on the hype of the D23. In the titles already available, LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga will also be invited to our galaxy, most certainly to reveal yet another DLC, potentially related to Obi-Wan or Andor.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will also have its moment of glory at the event. The tactical RPG from developers XCOM was recently pushed back to 2023 and shows up regularly in promotional videos. The editor should finally show some concrete gameplay to present its mechanics in more detail. The headliner of this conference, however, is Amy Hennig’s Marvel game. In addition to adapting Star Warsthe creator ofUncharted prepares a particularly ambitious title. We don’t have any information about him yet. But which heroes would be highlighted? Rumors are rife between Daredevil, the Fantastic Four and most recently Captain America and Black Panther against the Nazis. Which is the correct one ? Response Friday evening.

Rumors and Games Tipped for Marvel, Disney & Games Conference Star Wars

conference marvel games

If the known line-up doesn’t make you dream, don’t worry. Disney has confirmed that it has a few surprises to animate these 1h30 show. The suitors are numerous, but the eyes turn to the two projects which would be in development at EA. Both would be open-world games, one around Iron Man, the other focusing on Black Panther. The latter would be entrusted to a new team which is made up of former members of Monolith Productions, a well-known studio for Shadow of Mordor.

For the rest, many fans are hoping to see new footage from already confirmed games. At the top of the line, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which should reveal gameplay soon and should amaze your eyes. Players would also like to have some information about Marvel’s Wolverine, also in the hands of Insomniac Games. Star Wars Jedi Survivor could also pass a head to reveal a new trailer or deliver some crisp details. On the side of Disney, the fans dream of an appearance of Kingdom Hearts 4, unveiled this year for the franchise’s anniversary. On the other hand, we should see Marvel’s Snap, the card game that wants to compete with Heathstone and others. Several other adaptations of Star Warsincluding one from Ubisoft Massive Entertainment, one for strategy, an FPS or even Star Wars Eclipse on the side of Quantic Dream.

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