Marvel: Avengers and Deadpool postponed, nothing is going right in the MCU

Marvel: Avengers and Deadpool postponed, nothing is going right in the MCU

Marvel more in difficulty than in the past? Between series that are struggling to convince and these new postponements, the MCU calendar is turned upside down.

Four late Marvel movies

Due to a project that’s going all over the place but in the right direction, Marvel made two big decisions for the Blade movie. As a result, this new adaptation – without Wesley Snipes – will have to wait until September 6, 2024. This postponement is not trivial because Blade is now in phase 6 of the MCU and no longer in phase 5. It is everything ? No.

As summarized by the Culture Crave Twitter account, three other Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been postponed and not the least. Deadpool 3 slides to November 8, 2024 instead of September 6, 2024, the place occupied by Blade today. The Fantastic Four movie, originally scheduled for November 6, has been moved to February 14, 2025. If you don’t know what to do for Valentine’s Day, here’s an idea.

But the most important information of this update concerns Avengers 6: Secret Wars. This film which will conclude phase 6 of the MCU will not be released the same year asAvengers 5: The Kang Dynasty. The latter maintains its broadcast on May 2, 2025, but Secret Wars will only be visible on May 1, 2026 against November 7, 2025 previously.

Too many projects kill the projects?

In recent years, Marvel has expanded dramatically with series in addition to all its films. But here, if the result in the cinema is often a full box for the brand, on the small screen, it is far from being the same thing.

Lately, it’s She-Hulk who may be paying the price for too intensive a production. Although Daredevil’s visit was welcomed overall, the series is being criticized and divisive more than ever.

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