Marvel and DC reunited at the cinema? “They should meet one day”

Marvel and DC reunited at the cinema? "They should meet one day"

What if Marvel and DC Comics also met in the cinema? It’s the crazy dream of some fans and the statements of an actor are talking again.

DC intends to restore its image in the cinema and upset its DCEU, which will be more inspired by Marvel films. This will include the introduction of new characters and some spinoffs. For an actor of this universe, it is not excluded that the two behemoths of the comics cross in the cinema.

A crossover between Marvel and DC? Dwayne Johnson’s Crazy Dream

Dwayne Johnson, star of Black Adam, began its promotional tour. The Rock made a detour to the editorial staff of Total Film magazine (via gamesradar) where he made a statement that got people talking. For him, his character could eventually pave the way for crossovers, even with Marvel characters. The two comic giants have indeed already collaborated for various publications, but they have never joined forces on screen.

I’m just an optimist by nature. Especially when it comes to creativity and even more so when it comes to movies. And especially when it comes to DC’s pantheon of superheroes and villains. On the sidewalk opposite we have Marvel Super Heroes and Villains. In my opinion, not only can they exist, but they should, in my opinion, meet one day.

-Dwayne Johnson

This is obviously only the optimistic feeling of the actor, especially after the troubled period that Warner is experiencing. Bros Discovery. It is recalled that the film Batgirl was finally canceled when its filming was completed. Other DC productions could experience the same fate. Either way, Dwayne Johnson expects Black Adam ushers in a new era for the DCEU. The company indeed wants to reboot its Cinematic Universe to create something similar to what Kevin Feige and MCU are doing.

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