Marvel and DC, breeding ground for fascism? Alan Moore (Watchmen) alert

Marvel and DC, breeding ground for fascism? Alan Moore (Watchmen) alert

Alan Moore, the cult author of Watchmen and The Killing Joke seems very reserved on the important place of DC and Marvel and in particular their impact on youth.

Criticism towards Marvel and DC is nothing new, and we are often entitled to peaks from artists or creators, as was the case in particular with director Martin Scorsese in 2019. But this time the difference is that the review comes from a well-regarded comic book creator and author: Alan Moore. Indeed the man is very critical of superheroes.

Marvel and DC in Moore’s crosshairs

Thus in an interview recently given to The Guardian, Moore literally opened his heart to talk about Marvel and DC. For him, this type of film production has the effect of simplifying the thinking of adults. He further states:

I said around 2011 that I thought it had serious and worrying implications for the future if millions of adults lined up to see Batman movies. Because that kind of infantilization—that craving for simpler times, simpler realities—it can very often be a precursor to fascism.

Still according to him, the election of Donald Trump in 2016, at the height of superhero films in the cinema, would not be a coincidence. Of course, we let you be the judge of this type of statement, some do not hesitate to point out that the man may have simply become embittered.

If this type of Marvel/DC film can effectively simplify the thinking of some, it is surely a bit simplistic to see in it an open door to fascism. Isn’t a superhero movie just a way to escape our daily lives and imagine an unattainable Manichaean ideal?

Between the Covid crisis, the War in Ukraine, Inflation and global warming, there is really no need to look far for the success of this kind of film which tends to rest the mind. Does a work necessarily have to grind your brain to be a respectable work?

Note that the vision of fascinating superheroes is the main theme of the series The Boys.

What do you think of the impact of Marvel and DC movies on our society?

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