Marvel: a return to the MCU for this fan-favorite character?

Warning, spoilers! If you are reading these lines, it means you are up to date with the MCU, or not, but the spoiler does not scare you. So know that after bringing Daredevil back into Spider-Man: No Way HomeMarvel could be preparing the return of another hero born at Netflix: Jon Bernthal’s Punisher.

Frank Castle back in Marvel Phase 5?

While the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is already planned in the upcoming Echo series on Disney+, and rumors also suggest the return of Jessica Jones, The Punisher could also be entitled to a comeback in the MCU. In any case, this is what the recent Instagram post of a certain Kasey O’Keefe, actor by profession, suggests, who split a photo of himself with Jon Bernthal, praising the star before launching a “Can’t wait to work with him again in Phase 5 of the MCU.”

Punisher Marvel

More questions than answers

A simple sentence that set fire to the powder, making the fans ignite now torn with questions. Since yes, if the news is enough to excite all MCU lovers, nothing says that all this is true and everyone is asking questions. As pointed out by several colleagues, Kasey O’Keefe is almost unknown to the battalion and his Instagram account is full of photos of him with other celebrities and quite similar messages. In addition, neither the star nor Marvel have commented on the case.

It could therefore be that all this is simply false, but it will at least have had the merit of proving to Marvel (even if there was no need) that a return of the Punisher in the MCU is more than expected. . After all, seeing Frank land Castle again alongside Daredevil would not be surprising, but above all would be a pure treat for the fans. Castle could also have the right to his own personal series, like his vigilante friend who will return from 2024 in Daredevil: Born Again. And why not fantasize about seeing him make an appearance with Deadpool, as in some comics, which would allow him to retain all his brutality.

And you, want to see Bernthal’s Punisher again?

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