Mario Strikers : two famous heads join the cast for free

Mario Strikers : Battle League Football is a good game but when it launched last June, the main complaint was its lack of content, especially in terms of its somewhat light cast. Well wave 3 may well change things in the right direction.

Mario Strikersthe update that pleases

Mario Strikers
Two cult characters

Two updates have already been proposed to us with additional characters via wave 1 and 2. Wave 3 goes in the same direction by proposing in particular Bowser Jr, described by Nintendo as being a very skilled player in the passes. The other character is Birdo, who seems particularly accurate.

For the rest, we can also discover Crustacé equipment, but also a new stadium bearing the sweet name of Urban Heights which will allow us to see the country. The icing on the cake, this update is completely free and will be available from next December 14. What to enjoy the Christmas holidays around his Nintendo Switch.

For memory, Mario Strikers : Battle League is a five-on-five football video game. The game obviously retains the main focus of football, where players must control their characters on a pitch with the aim of passing and shooting the ball into a cage to score goals.

What do you think of this new update for Nintendo’s soccer game? Is this a relevant character choice in your opinion?

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