Mario Kart 8: a surprise awaits you in the latest update

Mario Kart 8: a surprise awaits you in the latest update

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is once again updating and releasing a brand new feature that should please fans tired of eating blue shells when they get ahead of their opponents.

Nintendo is indeed taking advantage of the arrival of his new package of circuits to add a new surprise feature and completely free to its ultra popular racing game. From today, Mario Kart 8 will give you the possibility to choose your objects to select only those that you want to appear in game. Note, however, that this option will only be available in a handful of game modes.

Mario Kart 8 continues to please its players

It will therefore be possible to filter according to your preferences to, for example, turn this cursed blue shell capable of tracking the best player to the other end of the circuit or the horrible lightning bolt which knocks out absolutely everyone, except the pitcher of course . Moreover, you can also program simply abominable races by activating the worst objects in the game just for fun, or even assign different objects for each participant or team. Suffice to say that it promises many wild evenings with friends.

Nintendo’s indestructible game has not finished its mad run

Instead of looking at a Mario Kart 9, however expected, Nintendo continues to capitalize on its Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Already essential, the game has no less than 48 different circuits divided into a dozen sections (48 additional tracks can be added with DLC), several offline and online game modes, and above all, a huge particularly active community. The plumber therefore still has a bright future ahead of him and the rubber hasn’t finished heating up on the rainbow circuit.

Moreover, lovers of the license will be delighted to learn that Mario Kart 8 will make an appearance in the upcoming Mario animated movie. We can indeed see the famous mustache in red overalls driving his kart at full speed on one of the most emblematic circuits of the game.

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