Manga: a publisher publishes a work made by… AI

Manga: a publisher publishes a work made by... AI

At this difficult time to miss the thorny subject of AI. This time it is a manga entirely generated by it.

Currently AI is taking a prominent place on the internet. Whether it is an artistic use as we mentioned in this news or even purely textual as we were talking about here. So much so that a well-known Japanese publisher is going to publish its very first manga work entirely made by an artificial intelligence. Something to give chills.

AI replaces the artist for a manga, really?

If we are still a long way from a robot capable of taking up arms terminator, it must be admitted that recent progress in terms of artificial intelligence raises questions about our future. Especially in the creative world, obviously hoping that human works will still be recognized in the future. This is how the Japanese publishing house Shinchosha made the decision to publish a manga entirely created by AI. This bears the sweet name of Cyberpunk Momotaro and it was entirely created by the AI ​​Midjourney (Midjourney is a research laboratory and the name of the artificial intelligence program created by this laboratory, producing images from textual descriptions, with operation similar to DALL-E).

Rootport, the creator, used AI to edit and put together this work of sci-fi in a cohesive way, basing it on a Japanese classic: Momotaro. On the screenplay side, the story tells of two managers of a strip club, who one day find an unconscious boy with amnesia.

The work will be published on March 9, 2023 via Bunch Comics. For memory, Monthly Comic Bunch is a monthly manga publishing online magazine. It remains to be seen how this will be received by manga fans around the world, of which there are many.

Now the million dollar question: what do you think of creartistic ations of artificial intelligence? And especially for you, is it really art?

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