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On the set of “Maleficent” (broadcast tonight on M6), Angelina Jolie had to wear lenses to change the color and shape of her pupils. But why is green associated with villainous Disney?

A long black dress, two huge horns fixed by magnets, prominent cheekbones inspired to the makeup team by a clip of Lady Gaga … To embody the scary Maleficent in the Disney feature film from Sleeping Beauty ( and broadcast this evening on M6), Angelina Jolie had to considerably modify her appearance.

While the film crew were reluctant to alter her gaze, the actress insisted that her eyes be as menacing as those of the animated character. Indeed, as makeup artist Rick Baker revealed in an interview for the site, Angelina Jolie’s contact lenses, tinted with a brilliant green, are inspired by the pupils of goats:

“This is also something Angie wanted. They [les chèvres] have horizontal pupils. It’s funny. Usually, I’m the one who insists on having more prosthetics and quirks, but it was kind of the opposite on this movie. “

But beyond their shape, it is also the color of the lenses worn by Angelina Jolie that is interesting. Unlike the animated Maleficent, which sported large yellow eyes, the one in the live-action feature film has green pupils.

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A color that, symbolically, has always been associated with the character – if only through the green flames in which she appears, or that she spits out at the end of the film in the form of a dragon – but also with most of the Disney villains.

Even if no official explanation has really been provided on this subject, it is clear that a large part of the antagonists in the Disney classics are linked to the color green.

Often used to represent evil forces in medieval arts, and traditionally linked to the concepts of envy and jealousy, it is therefore very regularly found in the eyes, clothing, or environments of many Disney villains, as evidenced by slideshow below.

Like the witch in “Snow White”, Scar in “The Lion King” or Prince Hans in “The Snow Queen”, Maleficent is therefore literally green … with jealousy:

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