Magic The Gathering: players furious because of the new cards

Magic The Gathering: players furious because of the new cards

For the 30th anniversary of Magic The Gathering, Wizard of the Coast wanted to offer an “exceptional” product to these players. Problem, it is rather a poisoned “gift” that drives users crazy.

Magic The Gathering’s 30th anniversary, so far, hasn’t lived up to expectations. Worse, the publisher of this world-famous card game has managed to alienate its community.

A divisive Magic The Gathering bundle

In order to celebrate the 30 years of Magic The Gathering with dignity, the publisher Wizard of the Coast has developed, in their words, a product “to die for”.

To celebrate 30 years of Magic: The Gathering, we knew we had to do it big. We needed to create an experience for fans, whether new or veteran, that would be worthy of three decades of the original trading card game. We wanted to have a collector’s item to die for that would stay etched in our collective memory as we look forward to the next 30 years of Magic.

So yes, players were shaken by the announcement but only for the wrong reasons. This exceptional product, according to the publisher, still costs $999. For that price, fans can get 15 cards spread across four random booster packs.

The problem that arises is that in the pile, collector cards from the Beta edition are reissued, including the Lotus Noir which had sold for more than $500,000. As a result, it could greatly depreciate the value of items owned by collectors.

Cards to collect but not to play

In addition, 30th anniversary cards are strictly prohibited in tournaments. Suddenly, the simple players feel totally wronged in the story. YouTuber PleasantKenobi said in an interview:

There is a feeling that the game is aimed at whales, investors and collectors more than players. I don’t really understand what this product is for, beyond being a collector’s item to speculate on. It’s not the best way to celebrate the anniversary of our favorite game with the community at large. One of the most glaring aspects is that this is not a card game, but rather a random booster product to be speculated on.

Plesant Kenobi via IGN.

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