Lupine on Netflix: the recipe for international success


Available on Netflix, the series “Lupine” meets a considerable success around the world and its part 2 only confirms this craze. Omar Sy, Paris, communication … the series seems to have found the right combination.


Seventy-six million. This is the number of viewers who would have watched Part 1 of Lupine in the 28 days following its release on Netflix on January 8, 2021. This record result makes it the most viewed non-English series on the entire platform. . Having become a safe bet throughout the world, the program created by George Kay has established itself as a real social phenomenon in France.

In the wake of its online publication, the Hachette Romans publishing house took advantage of the event to release new versions of Maurice Leblanc’s books. In just a few days, these reissues topped the best-selling list. Same thing for the sneakers worn by Omar Sy on the screen which exploded research on the Web.

To fully understand this success, we must first turn to its main performer. Elected second favorite personality of the French in 2020 – as in 2019 -, Omar Sy cultivates a real capital of sympathy that he uses to build a unifying, charismatic, anti-system, rogue character, but always fair. He is the hero of the most vulnerable and the absolute enemy of the powerful.

A big regular at the hexagonal box office, the actor also has an international reputation that allows the series to travel around the world. A week after the release of Lupine, the actor even receives praise one of his Twitter admirers, Sharon Stone. Just that.

If the “star” factor of Omar Sy is no longer to prove, Lupine also seduces thanks to its staging and its rhythm whose codes are similar to those of Anglo-Saxon fictions. It is not by chance that Louis Leterrier was chosen to put in the box the first three episodes.

Director of several Hollywood blockbusters, the Frenchman, revealed in 2002 with Le Transporteur, was the ideal candidate to breathe a particular tone into the series. For his next film, the filmmaker will find Omar Sy in Beyond the periphery, sequel to the film On the other side of the periphery with Laurent Lafitte, released in 2012.

The other charming asset of Lupine is undoubtedly its decor, Paris. The City of Light, which becomes a character in its own right in the series, is filmed from its best angle. Certain world-famous monuments and places, such as the Louvre Museum and the Catacombs, are chosen for key sequences of the plot, to play with the fantasized image that foreign viewers have of the country.

Series of the 2.0 era, Lupine is also based on a perfectly oiled communication machine. To advertise it, Netflix and the dedicated teams are not lacking in imagination. For the release of the second part, on June 11 – date which coincided with the launch of Euro 2021 -, the character of Assane Diop had encrusted in the background on several photos posted by players on their personal Instagram accounts.

The magic had already operated when the first part was released, when Omar Sy was improvising poster glider in the corridors of the metro – see the video above – in front of unsuspecting passers-by. A clever way to sell the series which evokes, on many occasions, the undervalued professions through the actions of the hero.

To announce the third part, the team of Lupine continue to innovate by unveiling an internet address on one of the maps from the trailer for part 2. “Assane is always one step ahead“, we can read on the site. Driven by its success, the series seems set to continue its successes.

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