Lucifer season 6: an important character back on the first images


Lucifer will be back soon with a season 6 that will be the last. While waiting for a first trailer, the next episodes are revealed with the first images. One of them confirms an important comeback in the Netflix series.

Previously in Lucifer

During season 5 of Lucifer, a lot has happened. In particular, there was the coming of god when Lucifer and his brothers Amenadiel and Michael were in conflict. The opportunity for Lucifer to resolve his problems with his father who took the opportunity to stay a little while on Earth. Then the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe had its ups and downs. There was also the return of Eve, for our greatest pleasure and that of Maze.

But the most important event of the last episodes to date is probably Dan’s death. A surprising death for this character present since the first season.

Dan will come back

Since then, the showrunners have given an explanation for this decision to kill Chloe’s ex. For a while season 5 of Lucifer had to be the last. It was then the actor Kevin Alejandro who suggested the death of his character. Except that Netflix subsequently decided to extend the series for an additional season. A season 6 which will still be marked by Dan’s presence, as can be seen from the first images.

Lucifer © Netflix

On the one above we find Amenadiel in a policeman costume. Behind him is Dan. We can imagine that he will be present as a ghost and serve as a mentor to Amenadiel in his new profession. However, Kevin Alejandro clarified in an interview with TV Line that their return should not happen “the way people expect“. So there could be a little surprise …

The other photos are to be discovered by clicking on the gallery below.

What to wait while waiting for a trailer which should not be long. Indeed, Netflix announced that Lucifer season 6 will be available on September 10.

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