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In the new Pixar animated film “Luca”, available on Disney +, the two heroes use the expression ‘Silenzio, Bruno!’. The director Enrico Casarosa and the producer Andrea Warren come back for DashFUN on the choice of this replica.

How can two sea creatures infiltrate discreetly into the midst of humans without being spotted? This is the whole mission of Luca and Alberto, the two heroes of Luca, the new Pixar animated film, available on Disney +. In addition to taking on a human appearance, the two friends meet in an Italian coastal town and will learn the habits and customs of Portorosso.

Besides ice cream, pasta, vespa rides, and fishing afternoons, Luca and Alberto also learn Italian expressions and phrases to hide their true identity. It is above all Alberto who repeats certain words that he has had the opportunity to hear and mixes everything in his own way, such as “What are you doing here, stupid?”

But another expression stands out and hits the mark in the film: “Silenzio, Bruno!”. A way for Alberto and Luca to silence the little voice in their heads which would prevent them from accomplishing things or which would raise their concerns. So why was the first name Bruno chosen for this particular replica?

DashFUN was able to speak with director Enrico Casarosa and producer Andrea Warren. The latter evokes the sound of the first name which fits perfectly with the idea:

“We apologize to all the Bruno in the world, we weren’t aiming at them personally (Laughs). Honestly, we chose that name for this line because it sounded great. We wanted it to be clear and easy to read and to say. There had to be an Italian sound but it wasn’t too complicated for it to be memorable. “

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The team’s desire was to inspire children: “We hope that this innocuous little line can be useful to people who are often in self-criticism or who are sometimes afraid to take the plunge, especially young people. We hope it can be good.”

The choice of the first name was very quick and instinctive according to Enrico Casarosa: “The writers pitched the idea, they wrote it down and then we hooked it right away. It was a little absurd and at the same time quite deep in a way. It’s the gesture a little ridiculous and naive Alberto to help Luca but it is this attention that touched us.

There are a lot of people who ask us why we chose Bruno. I think there is something quite funny about the sound of the first name Bruno and we found it interesting, with this rolling with the tongue. Of course, sorry to all Bruno (laughs). “

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