Loki: What if Lady Loki was actually The Enchantress?


Episode 2 of “Loki” revealed the great antagonist of the show: Lady Loki. The latter, embodied by Sophia Di Martino appears at the very end of this second chapter. But it could be that his identity is quite different. A part of the fans indeed think that it is actually the Enchantress!

Loki : Sophia Di Martino is in the place

At the moment, only two episodes of Loki were born on Disney +. Led by Michael Waldron, this series tells about the new adventures of Loki, the God of malice and lies. As this anti-hero finds death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, another version of himself manages to escape with the Cosmic Cube in Avengers: Endgame. This series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) thus tells the adventures of this new Loki, who opened another timeline, and thus attracted the attention of the TVA.

Lady Loki © Marvel Comics

Casting side, the show brings back Tom Hiddleston as Loki and features Owen Wilson as Mobius. Finally, Sophia Di Martino embodies what would seem to be the antagonist of the series. Now remains to know whether it’s Lady Loki or The Enchantress.

What if Sophia Di Martino was actually The Enchantress?

It is a theory that largely holds up. There are indeed some elements which tend to legitimize this hypothesis. First of all, this mysterious antagonist refuses to be called Loki. In any case, this is what she declares in the show. Then, the physical aspect of Sophia Di Martino moves away from the representation of Lady Loki in the comics. While the latter is dark brown in the paper pages, the actress wears light blond hair, like L’Enchanteresse. Finally, and this is the most telling element, this character is obviously called Sylvie. Indeed, in the end credits of this episode 2, Sophia Di Martino is credited as Sylvie’s interpreter. And surprise, it is indeed there from the first name of the second Enchantress.

The Enchantress
The Enchantress © Marvel Comics

With all these elements, there is thus a great chance that Sophia Di Martino is not Lady Loki as we thought, but the Enchantress. It is also plausible that Marvel Studios opted for a mix of the two characters. Indeed, Mobius seems convinced that this woman is another version of Loki, which is not the case of The Enchantress in the comics. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time the MCU has changed a hero’s origins.

Who is the Enchantress?

Initially, The Enchantress was created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Called Amora, The Enchantress was born in Asgard to unknown parents. Very quickly, she studies magic with Karnilla, the Queen of Standards, but ends up being fired for indiscipline. She continues to learn the occult arts in her corner. Then, she tries to seduce Thor, to obtain an advantageous place in the hierarchy of the kingdom. But the God of Thunder is already in love with the earthly Jane Foster. Amora will therefore try to eliminate the latter to take her place. Obviously, in the face of so much malice and dishonesty, she catches Loki’s attention. The two supervillains regularly work together to topple Asgard.

Amora is therefore a powerful Asgardian, and possesses the same overdeveloped physical abilities as his fellows. But she has a preference for magic and the occult arts which she wields to perfection. She is able to teleport, levitate, leave her physical body, possess the minds of others, and perfectly handle any type of illusion. To use her powers, however, she needs to have her hands and voice available. Finally, when she moves away from Asgard, her powers weaken but never completely disappear.

The Enchantress
The Enchantress © Marvel Comics

In 2009, Paul Cornell and Mark Brooks create the second Enchantress. Its story is totally different. This second Enchantress is initially a normal human. Named Sylvie Lushton, it’s Loki who gives her Asgardian powers. While she tries to join the Young Avengers, her candidacy is refused, because of the origin of her faculties. She then turns to Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers. The latter accepts it, and uses its magical virtues to increase his super-heroic hegemony. After the events Dark Reign, and loki’s death, she joined the group of Young Masters. Her skills are much the same as Amora’s. However, it remains less powerful than its predecessor.

So there is now there is a good chance that Sophia Di Martino will embody …

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