Loki: an episode 4 full of surprises and revelations


Loki and Sylvie put the bazaar in the TVA during this episode 4. If the series has not greatly advanced last week, it offers this week its share of revelations. Back on all you need to remember, while waiting for an episode 5 which promises to be strong.

Loki delivers an episode 4 taking

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) ended Episode 3 on the planet Lamentis-1, with a terrible sense of helplessness. Very quickly, the duo is brought back to TVA thanks to the intervention of agents who extirpate them from the coming Apocalypse. This rescue is not really one, the accomplices being made prisoners and separated. Mobius thus finds Loki, whom he no longer wants to trust, despite a warning about his status as a variant. The character played by Owen Wilson does not take long to think about and ask questions about the true nature of VAT.

As we were puddled with the infamous Keepers of Time who would be above all else, the truth may be very different. Remember, in episode 3, Sylvie revealed that all employees were variants. A revelation that upset our perception of this great entity with supposedly noble intentions.

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VAT and its secrets

As expected, the reunion between Mobius and Loki allows the former to have a click and to question his employers. The series first takes us on a false trail, with Ravonna going to the Hall of the Guardians. A distant shot of them suggests that the three beings are real. However, the very end of the episode is a game-changer when one of the Guardians is beheaded. Loki and Sylvie find out it’s nothing more than robots without any soul or independence. Puppets, who have no influence in this great trickery that is the VAT.

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So who can hide behind all this? This is the big question that excites us at the end of the episode. Where the series is strong is that it manages to surprise us with an unexpected element, without being able to anticipate what was planned in the scenario. We know that Marvel now likes to rely on comics to divert them and thus make a proposal that is not necessarily predictable compared to the expectations of readers.

If it is necessary to launch a theory to try to identify the big bad who is behind all this, we can put a small room on Kang the Conqueror / Immortus, which has a connection with the Keepers of Time in the comics. If we talk about him, it is because he will be presented in the guise of Jonathan Majors in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and that the multiverse becomes one of the essential issues of the MCU. There are still two episodes to discover the truth behind this case but no doubt that the series will teaser the events to come in the productions for the cinema.

Chain deaths

Besides for its scriptwriting revelations, episode 4 marks for its memorable deaths. We were talking about the false Keepers of Time, but we must especially mention the moment when Mobius gets killed. We didn’t expect such a fate for him, especially after his alliance with Loki. Moreover, the latter also has the right to the same treatment. You can imagine he can’t leave the show at this point. This is what the post-credits scene teaches us. Variants that are decayed are actually sent to a kind of apocalyptic hell. Loki realizes it and we should soon find Mobius around …

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