Logitech unveils Aurora, “inclusive and gender-neutral” peripherals

Not so long ago, constructors were pretty binary when it came to colors. A black/grey range for everyone but all the same very masculine and from time to time a range in pink to try to seduce women. Logitech wants to reverse the trend and offer the Aurora range which without such consideration. In short, inclusive and gender neutral.

Very soft colors for the Logitech G Aurora

Logitech unveils Aurora, "inclusive and gender-neutral" peripherals

The Vice President at Logitech G, explains:

With Aurora, we have created a collection that takes gender differences into account, focusing on comfort, accessibility and playfulness.

Tiffany Beers, Head of Gaming Innovation at Logitech G adds:

Our goal of creating a collection of gaming gear that included both men and women challenged us to cast aside old ideas and ask ourselves essential questions about our own love of the game.

This is how the question of long hair, wearing glasses or earrings came into the design.

3 main areas of reflection

Logitech unveils Aurora, "inclusive and gender-neutral" peripherals

This new collection is based on 3 areas of reflection, namely:

  • Comfort : Taking into account several elements, including longer hair, wearing glasses, earrings and small hand sizes. Also textures that are suitable for extended gaming sessions.
  • Accessibility: With softer tones, translucent materials and soothing lighting.
  • The playful spirit : Products come in a basic White Mist version and can be customized using Pink Dawn and Green Flash accessories. Gamers can also show off their creative side with thousands of customizable lighting combinations available in G HUB (in-house software from Logitech)

A complete range

Logitech collection

We therefore find a complete range, namely G735 wireless gaming headsetIG715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards and the G705 wireless gaming mouse.

The G735 Wireless Headset is the first Logitech G headset to feature new Blue VO!CE microphone technology to modulate a gamer’s voice. In addition, the helmet also optimizes comfort for all players and adapts to small head sizes. But also at the earring holder (among others).

The G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and G713 Gaming Keyboard offer low-key ambience and good performance in TKL form factor. Alas there doesn’t seem to be a full size format.

Finally, the G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse is specially designed for small hands, with a compact shape and advanced gaming technology. With only 85 grams, the G705 is designed for a comfortable and high-performance gaming experience (according to Logitech). Inclusive yes, but not totally since in fact the mouse excludes people with big hands.

Finally, note that several colors are available Everytime. The Logitech G735 headset is sold at 229 euros, the G715 wireless and G713 wired keyboards are offered at 199 euros and 169 euros. The G705 mouse is priced at 99 euros. The special edition of the Blue Yeti Aurora USB microphone is 139 euros.

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