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Crazy film featuring a childish rock band that even death does not affect, Little Zombies is a psychedelic Japanese film by Makoto Nagahisa to discover on OCS.


Their parents are dead. They should be sad, yet they don’t cry. Instead, Hikari, Ikuko, Ishi and Takemura put together an explosive rock band! These four teenagers whom grief does not overwhelm, will find together a new path, that of music.


Presented at the Sundance festival in 2019 and released in cinemas in China and Japan, Little Zombies (We Are Little Zombies) is finally available in France on OCS. This first feature film by Makoto Nagahisa does not leave you indifferent with its mix of genres and its completely crazy atmosphere.

Little Zombies follows a group of four teenagers who start a rock band after their parents die. Far from being saddened by what is nevertheless a tragedy, Hikari, Ikuko, Ishi and Takemura embark on a musical adventure with malice, intelligence and humor for a completely crazy result.

Coming from the advertising world, Makoto Nagahisa came up with the idea for Little Zombies when he was taking care of his daughter during her paternity leave. The Japanese director has imagined for his first film a unique completely meta and surrealist universe that mixes the types of format between video game design sequences, a vintage style and a musical performance shot on the iPhone.

Despite certain lengths, Little Zombies electrifies with its game of contrasts, its bold colors assumed and its psychedelic effects. Besides its ambitious form, Makoto Nagahisa’s film can count on the solid performances of its very talented and terribly endearing young actors.

After being acclaimed and awarded the Jury Prize at Sundance for his short film And So We Put Goldifhs in the Pool in 2017, Makoto Nagahisa succeeds in transforming the essay by tapping into his first experience and working with the same core of ‘technical team to deliver a daring and extravagant musical UFO that impresses without forgetting to move with a plot shouting truth about mourning and surpassing oneself.

Little Zombies is an OCS Première film to be discovered from June 23 on OCS City and OCS on demand.

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