Little Nightmares devs tease a new game

Notice to fans of horror, horror and well-made stories, an enigmatic tweet has just appeared on the official Twitter account of the studio Tarsier Studios respectively responsible for Little Nightmares in 2017 and Little Nightmares 2 in 2021.

A tweet as a teaser for the creators of Little Nightmares?

We’ve been busy

Even if some want to see a Little Nightmare 3 game land, we will remember that in 2019, Embracer Group bought the Tarsier Studios studio and that it is still Bandai who owns the rights. It therefore seems unlikely to see the studio working on this license.

An illegitimate child

The new game from the creators of Little Nighmares.

On the other hand, the Swedish Tarsier have acquired some experience in the field of horror thanks to the two Little Nightmare games, so we can imagine a brand new game that is in the same spirit or why not a spiritual sequel. Nothing shocking when you know, for example, that Valve owns the rights to Left 4 Dead and that didn’t prevent the Turtle Rock studio from producing Back 4 Blood, which is a spiritual sequel without being in the bosom of Valve.

Clearly, given the vibe and music of the tiny video teaser, we can bet our hand to cut that there is horror at some point in this new project. No Little Nightmare but ultimately can be much better.

Case to follow.

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