Like A Dragon Ishin: the remake of Yakuza Ishin is announced on video. It’s bloody!

Like A Dragon Ishin: the remake of Yakuza Ishin is announced on video. It's bloody!

SEGA has seen the appetite of Westerners for its franchise and will release, for the first time, Yakuza Ishin outside of Japan with a remake Like A Dragon Ishin.

That’s it ! After much hesitation, ” Yes No “, SEGA is betting to announce Like A Dragon Ishin. The remake of Yakuza Ishin.

Like A Dragon: Ishin, the PS5 and PS4 remake of Yakuza Ishin

The huge success of Ghost of Tsushima is encouraging many studios to go in this direction. Because yes, samurai games / which have feudal Japan as a setting are of great interest to players. As a result, after seeing the various feedback from players, SEGA was motivated to bring out Yakuza Ishin.

A resolutely special episode given that it takes place in 1860. “In 1860s Kyo, a solemn samurai fights for justice and is poised to change the course of Japanese history. Draw your saber to join the revolution in this fiery historical adventure ».

In Like A Dragon Ishin, you will have the choice of styles. Rather sword? the style ” Swordsman is for you. Rather firearms? the “shooter” will suit you better. We can even mix the two with the style “Crazy Dancer”. Finally those who make their fists speak will orient themselves towards the ” Brawler » . A tiger can also be summoned to crunch enemies.

The power ofUnreal Engine

For this remake of Yakuza Ishin, the studio resorted toUnreal Engine 4 ofEpic Games.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is RGG Studio’s first title to be built on Unreal Engine 4, giving the game stunning graphical quality worthy of the Like a Dragon franchise. Developing the game on Unreal Engine 4 grants access to new textures and other never-before-seen graphical details that make Ishin’s gripping story one of the most cinematic tales in RGG’s portfolio.

Like A Dragon Ishin will be released in February 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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