Lies of P: an excerpt makes Internet users cry with laughter

Lies of P: an excerpt makes Internet users cry with laughter

The action game Lies of P, which is currently hyping players, recently released an important gameplay video. One excerpt in particular made the rounds of the Web and amused Internet users enormously.

Even before its release, Lies of P is a pretty box and bodes well for its developers. However, a recent video brought to light a very funny flaw in the dubbing.

When Google Translate takes care of the dubbing of Lies of P

Lies of P, the unofficial heir to Bloodborne, is being talked about in an unusual way. In question, part of the game still undubbed… or rather dubbed but with a voice worthy of the Google Translate robot. Instead of approaching the boss, the Mad Donkey, with a good big classy symphonic music to testify to the confrontation, we are entitled to a robotic punchline emptied of its meaning. Because when we hear “You cunning rascal, you won’t get through here!” Die » either roughly “Infidel and deceiver that you are, you will not pass this way! Die! »with such a voice, it becomes very difficult not to laugh.

Nothing really bad or abnormal for a non-final version, but it’s true that we don’t necessarily expect it. As a reminder, Lies of P is a rereading of Pinocchio in sub-like mode. The independent team of Neowiz Games does not want an ultra-watered-down adaptation like Disney’s, but rather emphasizes the dark side of this tale. The app will also take advantage of the different settings visited by the wooden puppet, which should help him get away from Blooborne a little. A little…

This indie game is planned for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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