Lies of P: a canon trailer for the ultra-promising Bloodborne-like

Lies of P: a canon trailer for the ultra-promising Bloodborne-like

The Xbox Game Pass will have another souls-like upon release. In addition to big productions from major publishers, Microsoft’s service also knows how to make room for independent titles with potential. This will be the case of Lies of P.

Lies of P arrives day one on Xbox Game Pass

When Pinocchio meets Bloodborne. This is how we could roughly summarize Lies of P. The game had been very quiet since November 2021 when it showed up with a very enticing trailer. The wait was worth it, since the Victorian souls-like returns with a brand new new trailer suggesting an ultra-promising game. The title should particularly shine with its cruel and dark world of the Belle Époque.

In Lies of P, all of humanity is lost in a once magnificent city that has become a living hell filled with indescribable horrors. Remember that the game promises multiple endings depending on the lies of our puppet during the game. His puppet state will also allow him to modify his skills and develop his range of attack at our convenience.

Lies of P will be available in 2023 on PS5, PC and Xbox Series. And as predicted by the leaker The Snitch, the game will be available from its launch on the Xbox Game Pass. Excellent news for subscribers, who will be able to discover this potential future nugget at no additional cost.

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