Les Ants: finally a video game for the famous bestselling novel

Microids will embark on another type of adaptation: the novel. And not just any, since it is Bernard Werber’s masterpiece.

It’s a bit of a surprise announcement, we can indeed learn of the existence at Microids of a game The ants. Far from what is currently being done with Tintin, we are here on a strategic experiment. The Tower Five studio even speaks in the description of “tactical battles”. What about it?

Les Ants, the game we didn’t expect

In the game The ants we embody the “Savior of the Ants”, whose main mission is to lead his people and rebuild a home, make it evolve, make it prosper and conquer new territories through different seasons. The game also seems to perfectly reproduce the flora by season judging by the first screenshots.

The game takes place in the third person and should leave plenty of room for exploration and confrontations. The title will also offer many maps in a photorealistic Ile-de-France forest setting to explore. Graphically it looks very successful. We let you judge:

The ants

It must be said that the Ants should use graphics engine Unreal Engine 5 to achieve such a result. It’s all the more impressive that the game cards change according to the time of day (day, night, dawn and dusk) to diversify the experience and encounters.

A real-time 3D strategy game with increasing difficulty – The game will provide an intuitive experience for newcomers, with the presence of tutorials to learn the fundamentals of STRs and help understand the use of game mechanics. will offer scalable difficulty and a modular experience for veteran players who will discover new game mechanics as well as advanced combat strategies and techniques.

The ants

Alas for the moment, no video is available to show the work done but it remains in any case a rather innovative proposal and we can’t wait to know a little more. The game is scheduled for 2024 on all media.

Bernard Werber’s novel has captivated millions of readers around the world with its fascinating universe and reflections on human nature. We are very happy to be able to offer players the opportunity to discover this universe from a new angle, thanks to this video game adaptation.

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