LEGO will tackle a famous cult license

If you like LEGOs and role-playing games, this is the announcement for you. Dungeons & Dragons will finally officially have the right to products from the yellow toys brand. All following a competition organized for the 50th anniversary (yes already) of the creation of the saga Dungeons & Dragons. The competition that dates from October 2022 already had something to get fans excited about.

LEGO is finally tackling Dungeons & Dragons

Here is the starting postulate of the competition:

Join us in celebrating 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons! To celebrate 50 years of adventure, we invite you to ignite your imagination and showcase your favorite aspects of the Dungeons & Dragons game using LEGO bricks, elements and pieces!

This submission invitation works a little differently than typical LEGO product idea submissions, so please pay close attention to the fine print and D&D Content Terms. The winning fan will be rewarded with :

1% of the total net sales of the LEGO IDEAS Dungeons & Dragons product;

10 free copies of your LEGO IDEAS Dungeons & Dragons set;

Credit and biography in set materials as LEGO IDEAS Dungeons & Dragons fan designer; and

a set of Dungeons & Dragons goodies!

Here is the ultimate winner of the contest: Lucas ‘BoltBuilds’ Bolt whose creation you can admire below:

LEGO will tackle a famous cult license
An overview of the @LEGO set and @Lucas ‘BoltBuilds’ Bolt
LEGO will tackle a famous cult license
A zoom on the @LEGO set and @Lucas ‘BoltBuilds’ Bolt
LEGO will tackle a famous cult license
A fine team of @LEGO characters and @Lucas ‘BoltBuilds’ Bolt

This all-new winning set can be rotated 360 degrees, and the final design, which will be finalized by LEGO engineers, will consist of approximately 3,000 pieces. We do not have a precise idea on the price let alone the potential release date. But we can imagine something around

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