LEGO: soon Zelda toys after those of Mario, Sonic and Horizon?

LEGO: soon Zelda toys after those of Mario, Sonic and Horizon?

Whatever LEGO does, it’s a hit. A triumph that has contaminated the video game giants with sets dedicated to their franchises. And Nintendo would have already placed a new order around Zelda.

A LEGO Zelda set being created?

Nintendo and LEGO, a budding love? In two years, the two companies have cooperated for a series of Super Mario toys and its extensions, an N64 interrogation block or the very imposing Bowser. A business that rolls for both parties and which, according to some clues, could continue.

Anyone who tries to submit a Zelda set, via the Ideas program which allows strangers to submit their creations, is turned away by the firm of small bricks. To justify herself, she invokes a “license conflict”.

We have already evolved this intellectual property (note: Zelda) and have determined that we cannot allow project submissions that rely on it.

Via brickfanatics (and VGC).

In the summer of 2022, LEGO had already refused a Zelda Hyrule Castle set. These releases could mean that official toys are on the way in partnership with Nintendo. But Brickfantatics, who realized this, explains that the creators may have taken a standstill because LEGO simply does not own the franchise, and therefore cannot validate projects based on it.

Outside of Nintendo, PlayStation released a great build Horizon Forbidden West and Sonic also got his pack.

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