Legend A Dragon Ball Tale: DBZ like you’ve never seen it before!

Legend A Dragon Ball Tale: DBZ like you've never seen it before!

Naseer Pasha, who is currently working with Marvel, has just released his fan movie Dragon Ball 4 years after announcing it. And we can say that the animator has talent!

While the release date in France of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero has just been announced, a short film of excellent quality has finally just been revealed in its entirety. This is Legend A Dragon Ball Tale.

Legend A Dragon Ball Tale, a high-flying fan film

The DBZ fan-movie “Legend A Dragon Ball Tale” has finally been released on YouTube. This ambitious animation project by Naseer Pasha? from the Stray Dog studio? started about 4 years ago. His name may evoke something for animation fans since he is currently working with Marvel and he has worked on the Rise of the TMNT, Castlevania or Lego Monkie Kid series.

The interested party had shared a first teaser with a one-minute video that was enough to ignite the Web. Today, this tribute is fully revealed with 10 minutes of high-end 2D animation, with very dynamic scenes and above all in a style different from the one we know. The creator indeed wanted to bring his personal touch to this Dragon Ball film which immerses us in the middle of Tenkaichi Budokai, while Goku faces his future wife, Chichi. As Vegeta has just landed on Earth, he will have to join forces with his rival to defeat Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. We let you discover this monster work in pictures.

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