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France 3 is broadcasting a new episode of the series “Le Voyageur” ​​this evening, which also happens to be the last investigation carried out by Eric Cantona since the interpreter of Thomas Bareski is leaving the series. And will soon be replaced by Bruno Debrandt.

All good things come to an end. After four episodes spent in the skin of Thomas Bareski, the hero of the series Le Voyageur, Eric Cantona will say goodbye tonight to the character created by Hervé Korian, whom he has played since 2019 on France 3.

In “The Assassinated Village”, the new investigation proposed this Tuesday evening at 9:05 pm, Bareski arrives at the wheel of his van in a village in the Vosges which, six years after the violent and unsolved murder of the Schal family, has become a village ghost. Thanks to a few die-hards, the itinerant cop will relaunch this several-year-old investigation, in the hope of allowing this village to finally find peace.

Classic in its form, this fourth episode of Le Voyageur, which welcomes Philippe Rebbot, Emilie Incerti, and Denis Lavant as guests, does not, strictly speaking, offer Thomas Bareski a way out. But Eric Cantona does say goodbye to the series at the end of this investigation since, from the next episode, The Traveler will now be worn by Bruno Debrandt, a familiar comedian of the detective genre since he lent his features to Cain for six seasons, from 2012 to 2018.

In the credits for the last few weeks of Plan B on TF1, Bruno Debrandt will not replace Eric Cantona in Bareski’s skin but will play a brand new character, Captain Yann Kandinsky, who will in turn take the wheel of the iconic Voyageur van.

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As revealed in the synopsis of “La Maison sous le vent”, the fifth episode of the series shot at the end of last year, Kandinsky had met Thomas Bareski a few years ago, and the two policemen liked each other and had in common the visceral rejection of court decisions that lead to dismissals.

After taking stock of his life – he is unattached, recently separated, blocked in his career – Kandinsky decides to make himself available to the police as well. He then leaves for the Ardennes in order to solve the atrocious murder of a young woman, found beheaded in the forest. But learning is tough: an urban man does not become in one day a “traveler” living on the products of nature and barter.

It remains to be seen whether the absence of Eric Cantona will be explained in the scenario of this fifth episode, which does not yet have a release date, and how long Bruno Debrandt will play the new hero of the Traveler. One thing is certain: he is currently filming in the Basque Country the sixth episode of the series, entitled “The Valley of Fear”, and should therefore carry the series at least for the duration of several investigations. Like its predecessor.

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