Layers of Fears: a “bewitching” horror game with a new concept

Layers of Fears: a "bewitching" horror game with a new concept

Halfway between the remake and the sequel, Layers of Fears gives more details on its concept which should satisfy the first hour fans and the newcomers to the franchise.

This year, the Polish studio Bloober Team will release no less than two horror games. The remake of Silent Hill 2 which already worries players, and the enigmatic Layers of Fears. What will this one look like? Developers direct us more.

Layers of Fears is still not Layers of Fear 3

The vagueness reigns over the nature of Layers of Fears since its first official trailer. The reason for this is that the trailer alternates completely new passages, and entire scenes from previous games.

So what is it exactly? One “entirely new video game concept”. But still ? Anna Jasińska, chief marketing officer of Bloober Team, detailed this episode during an interview with DreadXP.

It’s not Layers of Fear 3. We’ve come up with a brand new name. The slight differences in the spelling of the title indicate, in a subtle way, that we have something fresh. Layers of Fears is a completely new video game concept. It combines the best elements of Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2 with new mechanics, and a brand new scenario never seen before. We’ve put together all the best bits to create an ultimate, overarching story for the entire franchise. Such a thing that has never been done in the industry before, and we call it “Reimagining”.

Anna Jasińska, chief marketing officer at Bloober Team, via DreadXP.

It’s also a way to thank the fans who have supported the series, without neglecting the people who have not touched either of the two Layers of Fear games.

Gather fans and a new audience

What will be obvious to fans other than “Stunningly beautiful graphics thanks to theUnreal Engine » ? The overhaul of gameplay and the entanglement of stories.

As we’ve said before, a new storyline and revamped gameplay await – fans will find this latest aspect refreshing. They will feel the narrative connection that exists between Layers of Fear 1 and Layers of Fear 2, because they will see how seemingly unrelated stories intertwine. The new chapters will show how the two titles fit together to make a magnum opus. As for newcomers, they’ll experience all the best things that define the franchise, without feeling lost in the plot.

And let the fans be reassured, there will always be these passages that disturb reality.

While traversing the harrowing locations of the games, players felt that the line between reality and the performers’ hallucination was a thin thread. In Layers of Fears, we will continue to make each scene unique and disturbing to explore.

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