King Richard: Will Smith becomes the father of Venus and Serena Williams in the trailer


How do you create two machines to win titles? This is what we will discover in “King Richard”, the biopic worn by Will Smith on the father of Venus and Serena Williams, the sisters who have become very high level tennis players.

The origins of the Williams sisters

Top athletes do not reach new heights without making certain sacrifices. Examples abound in different disciplines and this was the case with the Williams sisters. The two tenniswomen have won over 60 Grand Slam titles (singles, doubles and mixed doubles). We even consider Serena as one of the sport’s greatest players. Real war machines, which have been modeled to carry everything in their path. It is precisely the creation of these athletes that will be discussed in King richard.

King richard © Warner Bros.

The title of the film directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green refers to their father, Richard Williams. The man did not give them a present but made sure that they left their mark on the tennis world. The public is aware of their fame, but they know less how they got to such a level. Richard is the main architect of this success. From the age of 4 and a half, girls train actively, even playing in the rain. The man was so stubborn about their success that he spawned a 78-page career plan even before Serena and Venus were born. This is to say how much he dreamed of this success.

Will Smith and King richard on the way to the Oscars?

King richard will therefore tell the story of a father who fought against prejudices and recalcitrant people to create these high-level sportswomen. In the main role, we find Will Smith and it is he who attracts all the attention in the first trailer revealed by Warner. He replies to Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton in Venus and Serena.

This biopic looks pretty classic in form, with its beautiful success story punctuated by sacrifices and obstacles. We also feel that the film wants to take on a little feminist discourse, showing that two young African-American girls can succeed and become symbols for others. The trailer is packed American style, with strong lines, emotion and some energy. It is effective, let’s say it, and King richard looks set to embed itself in the race for the next Oscars. The feature film arrives on December 1 in French theaters.

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