Katla on Netflix: the end of the series explained


Available on Netflix, the Icelandic series “Katla” follows the misadventures of the inhabitants of Vik, a small town marked by the reappearances of missing people near a constantly erupting subglacial volcano.


Warning, this article reveals the mystery behind the plot of the series Katla.

An 8-episode Icelandic fantasy series, Katla begins her plot in the heart of a small isolated town called Vik. Almost a ghost, the place is gradually deserted by its inhabitants who find themselves threatened by a subglacial volcano that has erupted for a year. Named Katla, it is ranked as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the country.

The daily life of those who have chosen to stay in the city is turned upside down when a young woman, covered in ashes, appears out of nowhere. She claims to be called Gunhild and introduces herself as a former employee of the village hotel. Very soon, the characters discover that the Stranger is actually the double of another Gunhild, who left Vik’s town years ago. As questions multiply, other missing people resurface.

Where do these ghosts come from?

After this event, the heroine of the series, Gríma (Guðrún Ýr Eyfjörð), finds her sister, Ása, who disappeared a year earlier during the eruption of the volcano. She also reappears covered in ashes and claims to be who she claims to be. It is Mikael (Hlynur Harðarson) ‘s turn to return to the living. The little boy, son of the couple Darri (Björn Thors) and Rakel (Birgitta Birgisdóttir), had nevertheless lost his life three years earlier in a car accident. Determined to understand the recent anomalies, Gríma investigates near the Katla volcano and also meets her double.


In the series, Mikael’s double is much more threatening and dangerous.

The questions, left hanging throughout the program, find their answers in the seventh episode when scientist Darri ventures into the rock. He then discovered fragments of a meteorite that would have crashed more than 2000 years ago. After studying the pieces, Darri learns that its composition is unknown and that the meteorite could have come from another solar system. It is this same meteorite which would have created the volcanic conduit of Kalta.

With each eruption, fragments of the meteorite propagate through the air and return to the surface. In the eighth episode, Darri shares his assumptions with his wife explaining that the comet feels the thoughts, wounds and regrets of individuals. It is this material from elsewhere that develops new people inspired by the feelings of those who approach too close to the sector.

Getting rid of duplicates

The doubles are in reality only materializations of the mourning and the lack of the characters. They finally decide to get rid of these clones, convinced that their presence will not heal their internal wounds. In a difficult sequence, the couple Darri and Rakel take the entity that represents their son to drown him. Ása (Íris Tanja Flygenring), Gríma’s sister’s double, commits suicide while walking in the sea.

As for Gríma, who finds herself facing her double – created by the thoughts of her husband, dissatisfied with her marriage – she offers the game of red-haired roulette. If the sequence plays with reflections in the mirrors to deceive the viewer, everything suggests that it is the real Gríma who survives.

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