Kaamelott trailer: all the details of the Resistance


The trailer for “Kaamelott – First part” reveals a little more the plot of the feature film intended to close the series and the cycle of Arthur Pendragon. We learn that a “Resistance” is at work. But with whom and against whom? Lighting.

The Kaamelott – First installment trailer has just fallen and reveals a tense context, with a threatening Lancelot and Resistance at work. These contextual elements are reminiscent of an earlier time, when Alexandre Astier planned another ambitious project located in the same universe: Kaamelott Resistance, from which he was visibly inspired for his film.

The idea started at Comic-Con 2012, where A. Astier presented an exhibit detailing the direct sequel to Kaamelott season 6. This period called “Resistance” sees the heroes that we know a lot to change, to the point that Perceval and Karadoc are resisters! But what are they resisting? Full details are available below:

Reminder: the end of season 6


Arthur is back, but still reluctant

Following Arthur’s suicide attempt, he is no longer able to reign and entrusts power to Lancelot. The latter then begins to hunt down all the knights after destroying the Round Table. In exile in Rome to escape his former vassal, Arthur finally regains the hair of the beast, and some of his former allies try to convince him to recover his crown.

Ten years will have passed since the events of season 6 and it was during this period that the “Resistance” was set up.

Kaamelott’s idea: Resistance

Calt Productions

The logo of “Kaamelott Resistance”

In 2012, Alexandre Astier plans to write a dozen short stories accompanied by illustrations detailing this period. The idea is precisely to tell what takes place between season 6 and the film, a kind of “season 7”.

It tells, according to the statements by Alexandre Astier:

What guys do when Arthur is gone.

The Comic-Con exhibition detailed the sketches of this work (costumes, illustrations, accounts of the situation in Kaamelott) which never saw the light of day (at least for now, because it could also constitute the beginning of the first film).

Lancelot the Tyrant


Lancelot the Tyrant

The Chevalier Lancelot seized power by force and established a sort of authoritarian regime with many privations, decrees and freedom-killing laws. He dominates the kingdom of Logres, has chased Leodagan and his wife who have returned to Carmelite, and hunts the ex-Knights of the Round Table and tries by all means to find the slave trader Venec, who is the one who helped Arthur escape.

His goal is obviously to get his hands on the fallen monarch. He also seeks to fully live his love with Guinevere, wife of Arthur, who has taken refuge (in secret) in Carmélide while waiting for her lover to come to his senses.

This tyrannical regime divided the kingdom between those who collaborate or ally with this new regime (such as King Lot played by François Rollin) and the Resistance fighters.

The Resistance is getting organized


Karadoc, Gauvain and Perceval: the Resistance … underground!

Yvain and Gauvain have created their own group, of course baptized “the little pedestrian” to accentuate their disenchantment with the horse (and in reference to the episode The Great Departure in season 4). The other group is the autonomous Semi-crispy clan, led by … Perceval and Karadoc (and created during season 5).

The latter are hidden underground, more precisely under a clearing very close to the tavern and seek to reach Kaamelott castle through the basements … except that approximately 60 kilometers separate them from the fortress! We catch a glimpse of their underground journey in the trailer.

Finally, Bohort the anti-belligerent par excellence sees growing in him a desire to be the heroic knight that he has never really been or even to proclaim for him a territory of the kingdom of Logres.

And the Lady of the Lake in all of this?


The Lady of the Lake in the trailer for “Kaamelott – First part”

Played by Audrey Fleurot in the series, the Lady of the Lake does not support the presence of Lancelot on the …

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