Kaamelott: the rules of robobrol, Perceval’s new game


“Kaamelott – First Part” presents a new game from Wales to fans of the Alexandre Astier series with rules … quite complex. Here is what the writing of DashFUN understood.

The following reveals parts of the plot of “Kaamelott – First Part”, read on only if you have seen the film or the spoilers do not detract from your view of the work.

Kaamelott – First installment offers a new game from Wales: robobrol. Not like any existing game except rugby from which it borrows the tackle, it is explained in a very confused way by Perceval (Franck Pitiot) to Arthur and his team.

In the film, the outcome of the game determines whether Arthur will be able to access the rock to extract the famous Excalibur sword and find out if he is once again chosen by the gods. Here is what we understood from the rules (the following should be taken with a grain of salt and this article may be updated as we discover that it is the rules “in Aquitaine” and not those of the kingdom of Logres):

For a robobrol in 3 rounds (certain rules):

You need a playground, no matter what. We prepare 9 coquillous and we set the proba (in the example of the film, it is set at 24 points). There will be three rounds of robobrin, winning pass, rotourobrol and (“for those who have it in the slip”): ROBOBROL!

Keep in mind that we can multiply the probas by 1, 4, 6, 21 and 3, and the same for the probons except 4, 6 and 4.

Two balls are used (it appears that they are kinds of drums covered with tanned leather) but they are not really decisive for scoring points. The game really starts when the balls hit the field.

Tackles are allowed. You can use feathers to represent shapes on the faces of players on your team, which scores points.


Are they freaked out by the rules of Robobrol?

Here are the good practices, noticed during the example part:

  • It’s smart to regroup on the 21 line.

  • Taking 31 players with you, keeping the 15-foot limit behind the robourle and putting all the other players on your team on offense seems essential to making brouva, bro, brobou and direct on 6.

  • If you get one of the balls in your hands and all the players rush towards you, you should drop the ball and do a brobal, which allows you to score 24 points at a time.

  • There is a line of 16, but if we have “four shells in the cabbage”, that sounds risky.

  • At one point in the game, the robroles come into play (a team that begins to hit everyone), and it is then advisable to do robroloque. After the robroles have passed, dogs are sent to the field.

Game over : kick the genitals in a certain way (not a “simple quiche”) causes a robobrol and ends the game. The team that did robobrol is declared the winner.

Good game !

For other Wales games featured in the Kaamelott series, see the Pelican Game (S04E71), Syrup (S02E72), a Slug (S01E57) or the Sloubi (S03E50).

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