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Absent from the character poster game unveiled a few weeks ago, the Lady of the Lake will be in the film “Kaamelott”: we see her in the trailer while her interpreter Audrey Fleurot had confirmed her presence in Monte- Carlo.

For Kaamelott’s first foray into the cinema, twelve years after the end of the series to which the film will follow, no one will be missed. From Arthur to Lancelot, via Perceval, Karadoc, Bohort or even Mewanwi, none of the main characters seems absent. And the Lady of the Lake played by Audrey Fleurot is no exception.

A doubt was however born among the fans when the one who, in the legend, gives the Excalibur sword to King Arthur, was absent from the teaser unveiled in early 2020, from the posters posted recently and even from the cast in general. But a shot from the trailer came to reassure them and confirm that the Lady of the Lake would be there.

However, some were not surprised: those who had attended the press conference given by Audrey Fleurot at the Monte-Carlo Festival on the eve of the trailer’s online release, and during which she had specified that she would be in the feature film expected in our theaters on July 21. With some information on the atmosphere of the shoot.

“I totally rediscovered the atmosphere of the series given that there is really this side ‘we give you the text to the makeup’ as in the great era. With a lot more resources”, explained the HPI star. “It’s pretty funny because the manufacturing process is exactly the same. The theater troupe side, we improvise a bit … Everything is a bit spontaneous and hard-hitting. The energy is really the same. is pretty funny. “

There are a lot of small participations, I think people came a lot two days here, two days there.

“I’m very happy to be a part of it but I only had two free days to shoot. I didn’t see the film and we didn’t have a script. We’re going to find out completely. has a lot of small participations, I think people came a lot two days here, two days there. I don’t have more visibility than that. I would have been really disappointed not to be able to free myself to come and give a little wink because I am very attached to the team and to the project. “

“I sent a message to Alexandre asking him to confirm if I was in the movie because people tell me about it. I wouldn’t want to find out at the last minute that I was cut. He told me. reassured about that. “ Like Audrey Fleurot, fans can therefore be relieved, even if her presence in the feature film will be quite short. A charge of revenge in the following two sections?

Interview by Chaïma Tounsi-Chaïbdraa in Monte-Carlo on June 20, 2021

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