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Released on July 21, “Kaamelott Premier Volet” saw fans of the series rush to theaters to find Arthur and his knights. However, access to the film is particularly complicated for some expatriate viewers.

Since 2009, fans of the Kaamelott series have patiently waited to see Arthur become a hero again. Unfortunately, for those who have chosen to live outside France, going to see the film in the cinema can turn out to be a real obstacle course. Indeed, it is only distributed in Quebec, Switzerland and Belgium outside of France, so between sometimes immense distances and the global pandemic, things are complicated.

Distance, for example, is the problem of this reddit user who tells us that for him, a long-time expatriate in Taiwan, seeing Kaamelott Premier Volet at the cinema is totally unexpected. Even if he seriously considered flying 13 hours to see him in France, health constraints complicate the task. Still, this fan is really desperate for Kaamelott:

“I also thought about contacting the distribution company to buy the distribution rights in Taiwan myself. There would surely be a way to contribute with the 1,500 other French expatriates here to pay for that.”

The frustration is therefore great for expatriate viewers who lament that the film is not available on a streaming platform abroad failing to be visible in theaters. As the series is available in its entirety on Kaamelott’s YouTube channel from internationally, some can’t help but hope that the feature will soon land on Netflix or elsewhere.


This is the case with Maxime, for example: “I live in South Africa and I am very unhappy that I cannot see the film in July. I am a fan of the series which I have seen and reviewed countless times. I hope it will be released in streaming (paying of course!) quickly! “

For Quebec viewers, KV1 hit theaters on July 23, and if that doesn’t help all fans in North America, their love for Kaamelott pushes them to consider the craziest solutions to see the film. Pabloucka, for example, writes:

“Expatriate near Moncton in New Brunswick, a neighboring province of Quebec … We could go to Montreal (10 hours drive) to see him as a family.” Olivier, meanwhile expatriate in the United States, explains: “No viewing before the Blu-ray / VOD release for me. Unless I’m driving 9:30 am to Montreal. I don’t know yet.”


In England, no session scheduled before September according to the French Institute in London. London fans, who are not very far from France, are meanwhile stuck by COVID-19. With health restrictions constantly changing for travel between France and the UK, it is difficult to organize.

If it is no longer necessary to quarantine on arrival in France if one is fully vaccinated, it is mandatory on return to Great Britain. However, some are not short of ideas:

“With the quarantine on return, that’s too many days off to take, it’s not feasible on arrival,” Explain this fan on Reddit, expatriate in London. “An idea for Plan B that I had was to hack it on the internet, improvise a home theater with a sheet and a projector, and send a check to Mr. Astier with a letter saying:” Sorry, I have must have illegally downloaded the film, here is the money I should have spent on the movie theater. Lots of love”.


It will be understood that the devotion of Kaamelott fans is limitless. It is a real phenomenon because the efforts they are ready to make to see this first part are unprecedented for a French feature film. But why can’t they see KV1 in their country? Because if the series has admirers all over the world, the majority of them are French-speaking.

Astier’s humor is very difficult to translate. On the Blu-ray edition of the series, only Books V and VI have English subtitles, which shows that transposing the magic of Astier’s dialogues is a real headache.

Finally, the fan of Kaamelott currently “abroad” who is doing the best, it is Thomas Pesquet, to whom Alexandre Astier has sent the film to space. Like…

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