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While the new trailer for “Kaamelott – First part” has just been unveiled, Alexandre Astier has confirmed on the set of Quotidien that a spatial screening of the film in preview was well in preparation for Thomas Pesquet.

“Yes I will try.”

Passing on the plateau of Daily to discuss the release of Kaamelott – First part (expected in our theaters on July 21), Alexandre Astier confirmed that a special (and space) preview was indeed being prepared for astronaut Thomas Pesquet, big fan of the original series.

Born of a petition launched by fans, this completely crazy idea had indeed been relayed last may by the astronaut himself. On a mission to the ISS (the international space station) where he must stay for a total period of 6 months, Thomas Pesquet had tweeted that “the king” prepared him “Something”.

The exceptional screening of Kaamelott – First part, which should also precede all the terrestrial previews, is therefore about to materialize according to Alexandre Astier. But before leaving for space, Arthur and his knights will nevertheless have to pass a few tests:

“NASA must see it, to be sure that in my film there is no encouragement, for example, to blow up a space station (…)”, Astier said with his usual humor. “You’ve seen the film, you can see that I’m pretty light on that subject. We’re doing very well.”


Ultimate prerequisites for Thomas Pesquet to be able to discover Kaamelott in the stars: a relatively light file, and English subtitles.

“In fact, the Internet pipe that separates us from the ISS is quite small, so I have to send it things not too big”, Astier explained on the set of Daily. “And above all, I have to subtitle it, because his comrades are not French-speaking. They shouldn’t be bored either, I thought I understood that they were all looking at things together. . “

While waiting for the terrestrial release of “Kaamelott – First part” on July 21, (re) discover the first trailer of the film …

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