Kaamelott – First part: Alain Chabat appears in an unpublished extract


The promotion of “Kaamelott – First part” is accelerating. After a superb trailer, the production of the film has just unveiled a new extract which features the inimitable Alain Chabat in the role of the Duke of Aquitaine.

Kaamelott : an emblematic series

Initially, Kaamelott is a cult series of the world of French television. Created in 2005 by Alexandre Astier, the show quickly became a huge success. For four years, Alexandre Astier, Alain Kappauf and Jean-Yves Robin have derived the legend of King Arthur through hilarious little scenes. In all, these are 458 episodes that have emerged, spread over 6 seasons, very different from each other. Indeed, he started his series with a 3-minute format. Then the episodes lasted 7 minutes. Finally, in the last seasons, Alexandre Astier offered his fans 45-minute episodes. The latter are more ambitious and above all much darker.

A first unpublished extract

One month before the film’s release Kaamelott – First part, Alexandre Astier has unveiled the very first unpublished extract of his feature film. The actor and director offered M6 the exclusivity of these new images. To thank the chain for its loyalty to Kaamelott, whose episodes are still broadcast on 6ter, Alexandre Astier has therefore unveiled the very first extract of his film at 7:45 p.m. on M6.

Kaamelott © CALT Productions / SND

A very funny sequence, which is anchored perfectly in the tone of the series, and particularly of its beginnings. A scene that allows the return of Alain Chabat as the Duke of Aquitaine, a prominent character from Book V of the series. He is accompanied by Géraldine Nakache, in the role of the Duchess of Aquitaine. The Duke of Aquitaine had attempted, during season 5 of Kaamelott, of remove the sword of Excalibur from its rock, without success. This scene also provides a first glimpse of Guillaume Gallienne as Alzagar, new kid on the block.

Finally, this scene is an opportunity to set the tone and the words of the film to come. The extract recalls how the formula works Kaamelott. A simple and theatrical staging, a writing in the form of a sketch, and a totally offbeat discussion. A short sequence which also presents some issues of the film, including the return of the King to the kingdom of Logres.

As a reminder, Kaamelott – First part is expected July 21 in cinemas.

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